Why Religious Discrimination Targets Women

By | June 6, 2023

The recent shooting of a Pakistani schoolgirl by the Taliban because of her outspoken views on education for women shocked the world. But it is not that long ago that most women were banned from higher education globally. The view that men alone are worthy of higher office and, therefore, the need to be educated is born of religions that target females for one reason or another.

A hundred years ago one would not have found a female doctor or lawyer and even educators were mostly of the male variety. It took two world wars to show the bigoted fundamentalists and those brainwashed into believing otherwise that women are as good as men. While the latter were sent to the war front to fight it was women who ran industries, built airplanes, organised work forces, grew the food, and demonstrated their worth to those who previously had considered them little more than burdens or a drain on the community.

The challenge made the fairer sex stronger and more assertive. They wanted equality and the right to vote. Slowly they won over those things and as they rose in statue religions took a back seat. It was no longer the role of women to simply run households and produce children. They could now wear pants and demand their rights; at least that is what happened in the western societies.

The eastern regions of countries like Pakistan and those that are now influenced greatly by the Muslim religious code saw no such change. While women may want to be in a situation to excel and show their value in the same way they are handicapped by the strength of the prejudice and discrimination against them.

The world is under the influence of 666 and that is the identity of Constantine who established the Catholic Church that exercises enormous discrimination against women to this day. It is patriarchal in its premise and one of its cohorts, Augustine Dea, was appointed by the Vatican to establish the Muslim religion. This has come to light through a priest who discovered the records in its archives and has gone public with it.

These two major faiths have come from the same source and are of the same ilk. Constantine brought the Islamic religion of Assyria into focus through the religion he founded. That is based on a heavenly prophet or so-called Son of God arriving to teach us that the king is his representative on earth.

For those that don’t know the Pope is king of the church in the style of the emperor. The Vatican’s creation of the Muslim faith is also based on a prophet, Mohammed, who was a real person discovered through an acquaintance and tutored into the role. The motivation, according to the report by a priest who examined archival documents, it was to add credibility to the Catholic claim that Jesus Christ and Mary were real and that the church was founded by the former.

Mary is the real god worshipped by Catholics and the men in that religion are forbidden to adore human females as it would take away from her. The Muslims worship the sun, which is called Mary in the old tradition. ‘Ma-r-i’, in the linguistic research undertaken by me into all aspects of speech, means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. Images photographed inside the sacred shrine at Mecca show the sun and the moon as the chief gods. The Muslim flag is the sun star in the cradle of the crescent moon.

To know that these things are at the heart of the discrimination and terrorism is causing me to speak out. The behaviour of these violent religions is something that needs to be brought up and openly condemned. People do not need to stay ignorant of what the founders of the Catholic Church got up to and what the Roman conspiracy implemented by the one identified as 666 in Revelation 13:13-18 has resulted in.